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Great, that you have found us.

You will find a huge number of Dual and Thorens Spares, here in our webshop.

Please read our shipping and payment conditions carefully before placing an order. Refer link on the left in the menu box "More about ...".

A little hint:

Our part numbers between 200000 and 299000 are the original Dual part numbers. For Thorens parts we use the 7 digit Thorens part numbers. So if you already know the number, you just can use our search funtion. It will direct you to the part offer, if we have it on stock.

You can also try the Dual or Thorens model number in the search box. As result, you get a list of spares, which may fit.

Important information regarding the condition of our spares:

Our offered parts are usually new old stock parts from Dual or Thorens. So, the parts were already stored for many years. As a result, their packing may be dirty or a little damaged. That has to be accepted and is no quality issue. Please be aware, that some components do change their condition over the years, like capacitors on electronic components. Therefore we cannot give a function guarantee for electronic boards, even when they were never used.

New product

TKS to Half Inch Adaptor MK3

TKS to Half Inch Adaptor MK3

89,00 EUR
Pickup Cartridge Dualfred ULM1-SuperOM20

Pickup Cartridge Dualfred ULM1-SuperOM20

259,00 EUR
Pickup Cartridge Dualfred TKS-SuperOM40

Pickup Cartridge Dualfred TKS-SuperOM40

459,00 EUR