Tonearm complete

Tonearm complete
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Tonearm Golden 1
Complete tonearm for Dual Golden 1. Delivery includes headshell, tonearm and tonearm weight (like shown on picture). The sensor board and lift solenoid is also installed. The golden metal parts are plated with real gold!
This tonearm is one of the few Dual tonearms, which works stand alone. So it can be integrated in other turntables or high quality  "Do It Yourself" projects. In this case, the lift solenoid has to be removed. Then, the lift works fully manual with the integrated lift lever.
Technical data (without guarantee):
4 point gimbal with miniature ball bearings on needle pins
Optimum Pivot System (horizontal axis is shifted to record level -> lower distortion with warped records)
Effective lenth: 221mm
Headshell angle: 22° 25'
Overhang: 18mm (at Dual Golden 1)
High precision skating compensation, with scale for radial and biradial stylus
Tracking force adjustment with precision spiral spring
Removable headshell for fast cartridge change
399,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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